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rine f ersi 3D [ ]

02. 12. 2006 09:59

, , apaep oao cpo.

Coae p aa POP3D.EXE eo cocax oae oao cpoe apaep:

-l "geometry\rooms\prisonfix"
-l "geometry\rooms\ivorytwr"
-l "geometry\rooms\cistern"
-l "geometry\rooms\palace2"
-l "geometry\rooms\palace3"
-l "geometry\rooms\palace4"
-l "geometry\rooms\roof1"
-l "geometry\rooms\cityanddocks"
-l "geometry\rooms\dirig1a"
-l "geometry\rooms\dirig1b"
-l "geometry\rooms\dirig2"
-l "geometry\rooms\dirigfinale"
-l "geometry\rooms\ruins"
-l "geometry\rooms\cliffs"
-l "geometry\rooms\solar1"
-l "geometry\rooms\moontemple"
-l "geometry\rooms\finale"

oce ayca ao aa py a New Game. K coae, ac e ya eyoc - aca py p cooa apaepo oao cpo e, a oce poxoe oo ypo a peoa cpa a opo ypoe, a o pec p coa ayc ee c py apaepo.