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Wrhmmer 40000: hs Gte [ ]

13. 02. 2008 10:38

B e yy axoc a oypa p oopx
oo e paec ce apaep p.
Bo eoope x:

Accounting.dat - o (Experience)
SpellDef.dat   - ca Psyker (Psyker Powers)
VehicDef.dat   - caca a (Vehicle Statistics)
WeapDef.dat    - caca opy (Weapon Statistics)
UltNames.dat   - ea Ultramarine (Ultramarine Names)
ChaNames.dat   - ea Chaos (Chaos Names)

epc 1.2
epeapa: oo epeapa opye, ae ec y ac ocaoc ee 15- AP (aa [9]).


Devastator squad.
B oee coa Devastator Squad, oopo ec cea (Marines) poa TEM opye. Ba opeyec 1 EMPTY slot.  ooo ceaoa Devastator Squad'a (o Squad coco  oo 4 eoe).  Boe pa "Configure Squad". pye e opye 2-x opaaec main hall. ae a pa "Select and Configure Squads" aae ooo x   Devastator squad.
ae a pa "Configure Squad". B ye, o 5- ceaoe poa heavy BOLTER'OM. B oee oe eo a oe pyoe eoe opye. Bopaaec main HALL. Teep y ac ye poe ceaoe poa e opye.

Cap c oay.
oo epeece ooo eo Devastator Squad'a,
poaoo oo Bolter'o, ae a pa "Configure Squad" opaaec aoe e, o ae a "Select and Configure Squads" aae ceaoa Devastator Squad, oe pa "Configure Squad". coa ye, o 5- poa heavy Bolter'o. oope ceaoe, o oce "" oy eoe OPE.