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Dm 3: Resurretin f vil [ ]

27. 01. 2011 09:27

[trl] + [lt] + [~] oce eo oe ceye o:

god                        - eyoc
give [a_peea]       - oy aa pee
give all                   - ce opye ay
give ammo                  - ce apo eyeo opy
give armor                 - oa po
give doom95                - acceca epc 1995 oa
give health                - ooe opoe
give keys                  - ce
give weapon_bfg            - oy BFG
give weapon_chainsaw       - oy eoy
give weapon_machinegun     - oy yee
give weapon_plasmagun      - oy aa-yy
give weapon_rocketlauncher - oy paey
give weapon_shotgun        - oy poo

Bo pe p ae [~], ae oe:
com_allowConsole           - pape oco
com_showfps 1              - oaa FPS
pm_thirdPerson             - .  o peeo a
pm_thirdperson 0           - o. o peeo a
r_brightness [co]       - ycao ypoe oceeoc
quit                       - p

Ceye aa coyc c oao spawn:
eo ocpo:
monster_boss_cyberdemon           - Cyberdemon
monster_boss_guardian             - Guardian
monster_boss_guardian_seeker      - Guardian's Seeker
monster_boss_sabaoth              - Sabaoth
monster_boss_vagary               - Vagary
monster_demon_archvile            - Archvile
monster_demon_cherub              - Cherub
monster_demon_hellknight          - Hellknight
monster_demon_imp                 - Imp
monster_demon_maggot              - Maggot
monster_demon_mancubus            - Mancubus
monster_demon_pinky               - Pinky
monster_demon_revenant            - Revenant
monster_demon_tick                - Tick
monster_demon_trite               - Trite
monster_demon_wraith              - Wraith
monster_flying_cacodemon          - Cacodemon
monster_flying_lostsoul           - Lostsoul
monster_zombie_ maint_flashlight  - Zombie wth flashlight
monster_zombie_bernie             - Flaming Zombie
monster_zombie_commando           - Commando Zombie
monster_zombie_commando_cgun      - Commando Zombie with chaingun
monster_zombie_fat_wrench         - Fat Zombie with wrench
monster_zombie_fat2               - Fat Zombie
monster_zombie_jumpsuit           - Zombie in jumpsuit
monster_zombie_jumpsuit_eating    - Zombie eating
monster_zombie_labcoat            - Zombie in labcoat
monster_zombie_limb               - Zombie missing limb
monster_zombie_maint              - Zombie
monster_zombie_maint_bald         - Bald zombie
monster_zombie_maint_nojaw        - Zombie with no jaw
monster_zombie_maint_skinny       - Skinny zombie
monster_zombie_maint_wrench       - Zombie with Wrench
monster_zombie_maint2             - Zombie
monster_zombie_pipe               - Zombie with a pipe
monster_zombie_sawyer             - Chainsaw zombie
monster_zombie_skinny             - Skinny zombie
monster_zombie_suit_bloodymouth   - Bloody mouthed zombie
monster_zombie_suit_neckstump     - Headless zombie
monster_zombie_suit_skinny        - Skinny zombie in suit
monster_zombie_tshirt_bald        - Bald Zombie in T-shirt
monster_zombie_tshirt_blown       - Zombie in T-shirt
monster_zsec_machinegun           - Z-sec Zombie with machine gun
monster_zsec_pistol               - Z-sec Zombie with pistol
monster_zsec_shield               - Z-sec Zombie with shield
monster_zsec_shotgun              - Z-sec Zombie with shotgun

pye ea:
powerup_adrenaline   - apea
powerup_megahealth   - Megahealth
powerup_invisibility - eoc

coye oo ceyx e c oao give:

Haae ay:                 Haae opy:
ammo_bfg_small                     weapon_chaingun
ammo_belt_small                    weapon_grenade
ammo_clip_small                    weapon_pistol
ammo_bullets_small                 weapon_soulcube

Haae peeo:
pda admin_banks                        pda delta5_jackson
pda admin_dorweiler                    pda delta5_swann
pda admin_moses                        pda enpro_chasar
pda admin_simons                       pda enpro_hammer
pda alphalabs1_berger                  pda enpro_raad
pda alphalabs1_krietman                pda hell_garlick
pda alphalabs1_lipsitz                 pda hell_hebert
pda alphalabs1_smith                   pda marscity2_caseon
pda alphalabs2_chin                    pda marscity2_duncan
pda alphalabs2_connors                 pda marscity2_stanton
pda alphalabs3_abrams                  pda marscity2_tyson
pda alphalabs3_lamia                   pda mc1_berneche
pda alphalabs3_nelson                  pda mcunderground_baston
pda alphalabs3_poota                   pda mcunderground_delahue
pda alphalabs4_kaczynski               pda mcunderground_ryan
pda caverns1_cody                      pda mcunderground_young
pda comm1_blake                        pda monorail_cullen
pda comm1_finch                        pda monorail_harding
pda comm1_wolfe                        pda monorail_hollies
pda comm1_wolfe                        pda monorail_ross
pda commoutside_holiday                pda recycling1_garza
pda commoutside_ridge                  pda recycling1_sadowayj
pda cpu_bates                          pda recycling2_johnson
pda cpu_haskell                        pda recycling2_moen
pda cpuboss_tooloose                   pda site3_davis
pda delta1_mora                        pda site3_rogers
pda delta1_price                       video bfg
pda delta2a_cinders                    video chaingun
pda delta2a_raleigh                    video demon_museum
pda delta2a_wilson                     video epd (download VCD with content)
pda delta2b_bullman                    video hydrocon
pda delta2b_erikson                    video ian_report
pda delta2b_mcneil                     video ipn_news
pda delta2b_stemmons                   video mfs
pda delta3_cerano                      video plasmagun
pda delta3_lee                         video recycling
pda delta3_shultz                      video soulcube
pda delta4_gilbert                     video tablets