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Fte: Undisvered Relms [ ]

17. 08. 2011 23:06

[trl] + [Shift] + [~], oco.
oce eo oe o ceyx oo:

peae: Ca co ypoe cocae 199.
-o e paoa a cao eo ypoe cooc (hardcore)

god                       - +10 ypoe
descend [co]           - ye yaaoe co ypoe
ascend [co]            - ye yaaoe co ypoe
Gold                      - oy 500,000 ooa
levelup                   - cey ypoe
Heal                      - occao opoe
[]                     - coa o ee ocpa (*).
request [_apoca]  - a yaaoy epcoay o ec
amnesia                   - opaee opoy
heroitems                 - oaa axoee peeo epo
a ypox Druantia Typhon

(*) poco ee eea, apep legendary  frostrind,
o a o.

Kpa cco eeo:
Fishing Pole
Magic Anvil
Shrine of Learning
Fate Statue
Fountain of Wellness
Fountain of Healing
Fountain of Stamina
Fountain of Mana
Town Portal Scroll
Identify Scroll
Slow Spell                    (REQUIRES MAGIC:10)
Fireball Spell                (REQUIRES MAGIC:15)
Frost Spell                   (REQUIRES MAGIC:18)
Lightning Strike Spell        (REQUIRES MAGIC:19)
Shocking Burst Spell          (REQUIRES MAGIC:45)
Meteor Strike Spell           (REQUIRES MAGIC:55)
Scorch Spell                  (REQUIRES MAGIC:23)
Muffle Magic Spell            (REQUIRES MAGIC:23)
Web Spell                     (REQUIRES MAGIC:25)
Blindness Spell               (REQUIRES MAGIC:27)
Divine Light Spell            (REQUIRES MAGIC:28)
Fire Wall Spell               (REQUIRES MAGIC:28)
Frailty Spell                 (REQUIRES MAGIC:29)
Area Slow Spell               (REQUIRES MAGIC:30)
Poison Cloud Spell            (REQUIRES MAGIC:38)
Draining Aura Spell           (REQUIRES MAGIC:42)
Lightning Storm Spell         (REQUIRES MAGIC:50)
Stamina Spell                 (REQUIRES MAGIC:10)
Minor Heal Spell              (REQUIRES MAGIC:15)
Spectral Armor Spell          (REQUIRES MAGIC:18)
Minor Group Heal Spell        (REQUIRES MAGIC:19)
Ringing Blast Spell           (REQUIRES MAGIC:20)
Haste Spell                   (REQUIRES MAGIC:21)
Battle Fog Spell              (REQUIRES MAGIC:34)
Resist Fire Spell             (REQUIRES MAGIC:20)
Resist Ice Spell              (REQUIRES MAGIC:20)
Resist Lightning Spell        (REQUIRES MAGIC:20)
Dervish Spell                 (REQUIRES MAGIC:40)
Fear Spell                    (REQUIRES MAGIC:37)
Reflection Spell              (REQUIRES MAGIC:50)
Greater Heal Spell            (REQUIRES MAGIC:60)
Greater Group Heal Spell      (REQUIRES MAGIC:65)
Identify Spell                (REQUIRES MAGIC:10)
Summon Spider Spell           (REQUIRES MAGIC:16)
Summon Rat Spell              (REQUIRES MAGIC:18)
Mental Map Spell              (REQUIRES MAGIC:20)
Town Portal Spell             (REQUIRES MAGIC:23)
Summon Skeleton Spell         (REQUIRES MAGIC:22)
Mystic Blade Spell            (REQUIRES MAGIC:30)
Summon Vampire Bat Spell      (REQUIRES MAGIC:35)
Summon Timberwolf Spell       (REQUIRES MAGIC:39)
Charm Monster Spell           (REQUIRES MAGIC:40)
Dispel Summoned Monster Spell (REQUIRES MAGIC:10)
Summon Frost Beetle Spell     (REQUIRES MAGIC:46)
Summon Shrike Spell           (REQUIRES MAGIC:55)
Summon Wyvern Spell           (REQUIRES MAGIC:68)
Summon Firedrake Spell        (REQUIRES MAGIC:97)
Book of Identify
Book of Town Portals

Minor Mana Potion
Mana Potion
Major Mana Potion
Super Mana Potion
Minor Health Potion
Health Potion
Major Health Potion
Super Health Potion
Healing Charm
Super Healing Charm
Minor Stamina Potion
Stamina Potion
Major Stamina Potion

Clay Urn
Cracked Urn
Weapon Rack
Small Chest
Large Chest