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Dragonshard v1.1.4 (Патчи)

23. 09. 2005 16:19

Разработчик :Liquid Entertainment
Версия :1.1.4
Размер :19.5 МБ
Рпг игра на основе правил Dungeon & Dragons - Dragonshard обзавелась патчем. ОБновление исправляет следующие ошибки:

Dragonshard by Liquid Entertainment - retail v1.1.4 patch

Download Instructions

1. Click on the Dragonshard 1.1.4 patch link
2. When prompted, save it where you will be able to find it (use Desktop if you
are not familiar with directories)

Install Instructions

1. Locate the downloaded patch (Dragonshard_Patch-v1.1.4.exe) and double-click
2. Follow the on screen instructions.

File Details

This section lists the fixes and refinements included in this update.

This patch addresses many issues in Dragonshard. Some of the more significant
issues are outlined here:

- A few multiplayer desynch issues were fixed.
- A couple of multiplayer connection issues were fixed.
- Many interface tweaks and fixes were made.
- Fix for units getting stuck when trying to move.
- Cheat death no longer gives experience if the unit does not die.
- Charm and disintegrate spells now work on an entire squad.
- Fixed a lockup with Kael using Vorpal Dagger on a hydra.
- The Immolation for the Phoenix now properly shuts off after spell energy is
- Warforged Titan health reserve jumps to 85% (rather than 50%) when they get
- Fixed some issues with purchasing artifacts at the Campaign Reward Screen.
- Fixed miscellaneous population bugs.
- Fixed bug with units being knocked out of the Gelatinous Cube and immediately
- Fixed bug with saving skirmish games using alternate win modes.
- Improved functionality of the Wartorn Felldrake, especially with its Ram
- Improved functionality of the Cryohydra and Pyrohydra, making them much more
- Fixed issue with lack of visibility in the Underworld when in Spectator mode.
- Improved timing for cinematic dialogue.
- Improved the balance of the missions.
- Added a timer bar for summoned units such as the Minotaur.