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Fte [ ]

16. 08. 2011 10:35

[trl] + [Shift] + [~] () (cea oe oc a opoca, ec o e oc o aae: [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [@] ), oce eo oe o yaax oo:

gold            - oy 500000 oox oe
experience      - oy 5000 e oa
god             - oy 10 ypoe oa
heal            - occao opoe
fame            - oy 1000 oo ca
fist of samson  - oy xopo aye
levelup         - +1 ypoe oa
ascend <co>  - epe a yaaoe co ypoe epx
descend <co> - epe a yaaoe co ypoe

Tae oo o aa x peeo o y e oc
po c a, apep:
fate statue (cay cy)
fountain of stamina
fountain of health

ae oo o aa ae:
superior ruby
superior opal

a aee.

Koa cea aecoe opye e, o ec xoec ec coco. epe e, e, e y ( opoe a ae) epe e a a ao e coa apyc (pa ye coxpaea) poeypy ao oop a pa a oy opy xopo e.
Ec oa poe poco e opaoc o o oa e [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] aae "poe" cae aay FATE pa coxpac o coco oa oce pa xo aoe e ( eeoppoac).