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Far Cry (патч 1.33)

11. 08. 2005 06:17

Разработчик :Crytek Studios
Версия :1.33
Размер :23 МБ
Список изменений в патче 1.33:

Far Cry by Crytek - retail v1.31/32 -> v1.33 patch

Patch 1.33 change log

Release note :
* This patch supports 32 bit only.
* This patch will update versions 1.31 and 1.32 to Far Cry 1.33.
* Far Cry patch 1.33 contains all the fixes found in 1.32.
* Fixed issue with extended characters in players names causing server crashes.
* Included version checking so that only 1.33 clients can connect to 1.33
* Resolved some online cheating issues.

Patch 1.32 change log

* Fixed a Shader Model 3.0 issue that caused graphics corruption on new ATI
* Set the game to detect nVidia hardware to avoid shaders being compiled at run
* Recompiled the 32bit version with a different version of STL to address some
server slowdowns.
* Fixed a video playback issue to ensure compatibility with MOD SDK dll code.
* Fixed server issues when the server type was changed during a running game.
* Fixed potential crash when using RCON to start a new level.

Патч ставится на игру версии 1.31

Патч версии 1.3 можно найти по этой ссылке(74 МБ)
Патч версии 1.31 можно найти по этой ссылке(8.9 МБ)