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Frntlines: Fuel f Wr [ ]

09. 11. 2011 22:38

trs (), Bonus Content (oyc oe), ae ee o oo:
sp-street  - opae ypoe Urban Combat ooo p
sp-village - opae ypoe Village Assault ooo p

B ae c oypao ao p, pep o yoa:
C:\Documents and Settings\[ooae]\Mo oye\My Games\

Opoe ay "Frontlines - Fuel of War", ae "GCGame", a ae "Config".
B e ye a GCInput.ini

Opoe eo ooo ae cpoy [Engine.Console]
o e ye cpoa: ConsoleKey=
ee ee a: ConsoleKey=tilde

coxpae, ayce py.

Bo pe p ae a ay [~] (a) oa oco, e oe ceye o:

god          - eyoc
loaded       - ce opye, apo
allammo      - apo
ghost        - poxo co ce
playersonly  - o AI
slomo #      - ee pe
walk         - pe xo
fly          - pe oea
allweapons   - ce opye
behindview 1 - o 3-o a
suicide      - y ce

a c ooo yapa:
B yaao e ae GCInput.ini ae cpoy:  [GCGame.GCSPGameTemplate]
po c e ye cpoa:  m_fHealthEnemyCharacterAI=120
ee ee aee 120 a 1.

ee aee cpoe:

c 1,5 a 999.
B pe coee ya cpo.