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Fly2play gold tours to Jordan

29. 03. 2021 20:02

Arab Kingdom of Jordan

The state of Jordan is no less a popular tourist destination than a tour to Israel. The famous Dead Sea is a hallmark not only of the Israeli region, but also of Jordan. The oldest holy places, recreation on the saltiest sea, healing with mud and thermal waters, interesting excursions, all this is offered to its guests by the fertile land of Jordan. The name of the kingdom arose due to the holy river Jordan (according to legend, it was in it that Jesus was baptized). The location of the state is such that its shores have access only to the Dead Sea, the Jordan River and the Gulf of the Red Sea - Aqaba. The climate is subtropical, Mediterranean, mostly dry, dominated by deserts with rare oases. Winter temperatures rarely fall below +8, and in summer around +30. The capital city of Amman is different from the old Arab cities, especially its modern western part. But, nevertheless, there is something to show tourists.

Jordan Tours

The fundamental cities in Jordan can be considered Amman, Petra and the resort of Aqaba. The capital city of Amman is a contrasting city, where the old, traditional East and modern West are intertwined. This lively city welcomes its guests with a friendly welcome. There are many different restaurants of both national and European cuisine. As a souvenir, tourists will be able to bring home gold and silver products, carpets, ceramic products and embroidery. An excursion to the Citadel, the palace ruins of the Umayyads, and the temple of Hercules will help you plunge into the history of the ancient East. The Kan Zaman stable complex, the Wadi al-Sira Valley and the Pompeii of the East (Jerash) are popular among the guests of the capital. Petra, the so-called "pink city", is a unique archaeological site, a city carved directly into the rock more than 2000 years ago. The city is included in the UNESCO list and is one of the 7 wonders of the world. Souvenirs from Petra are bottles filled with natural colored sand, depicting desert camels. The relatively new resort of Aqaba is located on the Red Sea coast. The clean water and the opportunity to swim in the sea in winter and summer attract many tourists here. The beaches here are both sandy and rocky. Famous for its medicinal properties, the Dead Sea never ceases to amaze vacationers with its unique qualities. Constant warm weather allows you to improve your health all year round.

Booking a trip

With the travel agency "Fly2play" you can buy tours from Dubai to Jordan, the prices for which are the most favorable. Contact the managers of the travel agency with any questions regarding the rest, they will be happy to answer them. Also, we provide services for booking tickets, hotels, registration of foreign passports, etc.