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Gthi [ ]

15. 01. 2007 11:51

"gthi.ini" axoc ae c po.
ee cpoy "test mode 0" a "test mode 1" aa pea.

[F2] - oaa oco
[F3] - oo
[F4] - oopa
[F5] - caeca aepa
[F6] - yac aepa
[F7] - ac o po ce
[F8] - ooe opoe aa
[Z] - pyc opy
[K] - yac a e

Bo pe p ae [S], ae ae "MARVIN" coa e [S], epxe yy oa oc ac "MARVIN-MODE".
Hae [F2] oa oa oco e ya:

cheat god - eyoc
cheat full - opoe
harpie - Harpie
lurker - Lurker
lichtbringer - apea
goto vob - eeopa
goto pos - eeopa ay
goto waypoint - eeopa
print - cea cpo
load position - apy o
load game - apy py
save - coxpa py
version - oaa epc p
insert [aae] - coa pee

Haa peeo:
torlofsaxt dtestmodell
roter_wind ftestmodell
ulumulu gtestmodell
artos_schwert htestmodell
silax_axt jtestmodell
diegos_bogen ababetestmodell
thorus_schwert perception_testmodell)
udshaman_rockefeller atestmodell
icegolem urizielrune
freemineorc xp_map
meatbug neks_amulett
bridgegolem cords_spalter
troll prankenhieb
youngtroll namibskeule
yscavenger dmb_armor_m
ymolerat elementare_arcanei
xardasdemon astronomie
swampshark dungeonkey
btestmodell fakescroll
ctestmodell zeitenklinge

Kpoa pe.
coy o eco peaop peapye a "gothic.ini" axoc ae c po, ee cpoy "bloodDetail 1" a "bloodDetail 3".