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therlrds 2: Send ge [ ]

14. 05. 2011 17:43

[~] therReveltin
oce eo ae ay [Enter]. Teep oee cooa ceye o:

open_fog       - o "ya o"
hide_fog       - "ya o"
lose           - popa cc
win            - pa cc
save           - cpoe coxpaee
load           - cpa apya
player         - opa o poax
give all       - oy o 15 e co cex pecypco
view resources - oaa opa o pecypcax

o paoae pee o (Combat-mode):
lose           - popa y
win            - pa y
view_hand      - oaa pyy poa
hide_hand      - cp pyy poa
swap           - oec eca c pao
view army      - opa o ae ap
view hand      - opa o ae pye
view players   - opa oe copo
view spells    - oaa cco aa ape (4-ex coe o)

coyc co cey oa:
add spell <o>    - eeeo oy aae. pep: 'add spell TIWR'
add creature <o> - eeeo oy ap. pep 'add creature TIWR'

change health <co>       - e oeco opo eyeo epcoaa
a yaaoe co pep: 'change health 100'
change mana <co>         - e oeco a eyeo epcoaa
a yaaoe co pep: 'change mana 100'
change links <co>        - e oeco mana links eyeo epcoaa
a yaaoe co pep: 'change links 100'
change enemy  <o> - e apaep aeo paa, a yaae.
pep: 'change enemy health 1'