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Code of Honor 2 - Conspiracy Island ()

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05. 05. 2006 14:35

ersnl tin ( ):

Name: Avenger; Team: Zx - pa ye aeea cpao Avenger ( p Zx Spectrum)

Name: Ramlosa; Team: H20 - pe o
Name: Lemmy; Team: Ace - pe aa (oo aapaoo ycope)
Name: tribute to tron - c eoep eep ye peepc co cp eopo pa
Name: Supercars; Team: Grem - ec p
Name: Demon; Team: Grem - paccoe ey e a ee (opo poce pec) xo oec yeaec, o xopoo pax opo

Name: R Pettersson; Team: SWE - cay ocy ce pe a
Name: G-Ride; Team: WEST - a ye ocoo opa a pyax oec
Name: Ignition; Team: UDS - cepxy, ca, a pe Ignition
Name: Buzz Aldrin; Team: NASA - ya paa - p a aooe cay ee, e oo, caa aa cae eee ypaeo.