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Legends f Vlur [ ]

01. 10. 2007 13:44

9,999 , LV1_n.SV, n,
oep e coxpaeo a p. aee ceye a:


Ceee    e a
0B1F          0F
0B20          27


Ceye p ya cyece, a o pocee o e
ac o x:
THE SEVEN LEAGUE BOOTS - o oy ae a y o opoa
Bopoa, e aaee py
THE POWER GAUNTLETS    - axoc cae opy
AMULET OF PROTECTION   - oe ae ceye poxoe oce Ke eoea ep ooape


Cey pee peceoa - ap Be, oop oee a y epax Ka Boa, oopy oo a aepxy Scriptorium.