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idtwn dness [ ]

14. 04. 2006 17:04

idtwn dness [ ]

ee aeo poa a ceye, ye aa "new" pae opa poa. Ko oeee [*] a peya, oop peop pacc ( e oee op oe a c e oa)

Showme Cops - [*] oaa ce oece oe a ape.
Big Bus Party - [*] ec pacop oo ye opocx aoyco.
Tiny Car - [*] ec pacop oo ye oax a.
amizdA eoJ - ec pacop oo ye e opy opay copoy (?).
Jet Planes - [*] ec pacop oo ye oyx oeo.
Warp Eleven - [*] ec AI (ee oa) 10 pa cpee.

Cpe a :
Toe oc a poa. ocy oo ooo pe "Cruise Mode".

"vasedans" pae Cadillac - Generic car
"vasedanl" pae Bullet - Generic light car
"vavan" pae Ford F350 - The van
"vadiesels" pae City Bus - The Diesel
"vacompact" pae VW Bug - Rabbit-type compact car
"vapickup" pae Ford F350 - Pickup truck
"vabus" pae City Bus - Bus with new paint job
"vadelivery" pae Ford F350 - Delivery truck
"valimo" pae Mustang GT - Random limo
"valimoblack" pae Mustang GT - Black limo
"valimoangel" pae Mustang GT - White limo
"vataxi" pae Cadillac - Yellow cab
"vataxicheck" pae Cadillac - Green checkered cab
"vaboeing_small" pae City Bus - Mini-jet

o oec o pe p:
epae aa [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+[F7] oa e ye a pae oe oa oo:

/nodamage - [*] pa e opee
/damage - opee
/dizzy - paaeec eo
/fuzz - [*] oece paap
/bridge - [*] oe cpe oc
/ufo - ae caoe a HO
/swap - ae oe aopo oo-737
/slide - [*] e pe papoax a
/puck - [*] e pe poa
/grav - [*] ooa paa
/postal - [*] aae yooo caa cpee oo a
/talkfast - ycopee oeap
/talkslow - eee oeap
/big - oe
/tiny - aee
/nosmoke - oc oec
/smoke - oc oec

coye ceye apaep oao cpo:
-allrace - ocy o cex oo
-allcars - ocy o cex a

"C:\Midtown\midtown.exe" -allcars -allrace