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Iewind Dle 2 [ ]

30. 04. 2007 11:41

Bo pe p ae [Ctrl] + [Tab], aa oco, oce eo o:

ctrlaltdelete:hans()          - eeopa eeo ac
oa yaay oy
ctrlaltdelete:midas()         - oy 500 oox oe
ctrlaltdelete:addgold(#)      - oy # co oox oe
ctrlaltdelete:explorearea()   - op c apy eye oac
ctrlaltdelete:setcurrentxp(#) - ycao XP y pao ac
oa # oo
ctrlaltdelete:setchapter(#)   - ycao eyy ay p # (0-6)
ctrlaltdelete:movetoarea(x)   - apy yaay oepo oac.
aa oace cope peop
a CD2. pep:
ctrlaltdelete:createitem(x,#) - coa oeco # pee x. pep:
ctrlaltdelete:createitem("00BOLT01", 10)
ctrlaltdelete:addspell(x)     - ee ypcopo epcoa aoae a X oo oaec y a.
ctrlaltdelete:setglobal(x,Y,#) - ycao oay epeey yaaoe aee. x - epeeo
oac (AR####) # - aee. pep:

ctrlaltdelete:setglobal("VARIABLE", "GLOBAL", 1)

ctrlaltdelete:setglobal(x,Y)    - poepa eyeo coco epeeo.

x - epeeo y - LOCAL, GLOBAL (AR####)

ctrlaltdelete:jeffkdefends()    - o ocpa a ay ay
ctrlaltdelete:jeffkattacks()    - o ocpa aa aeo epcoaa
ctrlaltdelete:enablecheatkeys() - pape cooa ceye o
o pe p:

[Ctrl] + [A] - pocop ocyx epcoae
[Ctrl] + [C] - popa aoo cyee ae
[Ctrl] + [S]   pae epcoa. coye A S
apae aa epe o ccy
[Ctrl] + [F] - oepy paoo epcoaa opy eo oc
[Ctrl] + [M] - oao a c opae o ecoc
[Ctrl] + [J] - eeoppoa oay eco yaaoe o
[Ctrl] + [Y] - y eyeo paoo a
[Ctrl] + [K] - y paoo ocpa ypa PC c y oa
[Ctrl] + [R] - e paoo epcoaa eo oppe.
[Ctrl] + [U] - oy cooe XP
[Ctrl] + [X] - ae eyy o ypcopa e apa.
[Ctrl] + [1] - o ypo a ocexo
[Ctrl] + [2] - ae pa
[Ctrl] + [3] - oce pa
[Ctrl] + [4] - oaa oo
[Ctrl] + [6] - pacoppoa a ey pa epcoa
[Ctrl] + [7] - coye 6 7 popy aa epe
o ccy ey ce ocy pe epcoaa
[Ctrl] + [9] - oaa oe opae epcoaa

Ko peeo oa:
ctrlaltdel:createitem( <o peea> , )

00CLCK02 Cloak: Protection +3
00CLCK03 Cloak: Displacement (+4 to Save vs. Missile)
00CLCK04 Cloak: Non-Detection (invisible to scrying spells)
00BRAC01 Bracer: Bracers
00BRAC02 Bracer: Defense +2
00BRAC03 Bracer: Defense +3
00BRAC04 Bracer: Defense +4
00BRAC05 Bracer: Archery
00BRAC10 Bracer: Expertise
00BRAC11 Bracer: Icelandic Pearl (+? To Save vs. Cold)
00BELT03 Belt: Bluntness (+3 to Save vs. Blunt Weapons)
00BELT04 Belt: Piercing (+3 to Save vs. Piercing Weapons)
00BELT05 Belt: Beautification (Permanent Blessing)
00BOOT02 Boots: Stealth (+2 to Hide)
00BOOT03 Boots: North (+? To Save vs. Cold)
00BOOT04 Boots: Avoidance (+4 to Save vs. Missile)
00BOOT05 Boots: Grounding (+4 to Save vs. Electricity)
00BOOT09 Boots: Winterbranch (Immune to Snare,Entangle)
00BOOT14 Boots: Yeti (+? To Save vs. Cold)
00BOOT15 Boots: Snow Wolf (+? To Save vs. Cold, +1 Char)
00CHAN06 Armor: Baleful (+7? Char-3, Immune to Mind)
00CHAN07 Armor: Elven Chain of the Hand (+8?)
00CHAN08 Armor: Armor of Life (Regen+1, +8?)
00CHAN09 Armor: Ogien's Armor (+7?, Enrage Animal)
00WAND01 Wand: Wand of Fear
00WAND02 Wand: Wand of Magic Missiles
00WAND03 Wand: Paralyzation
00WAND04 Wand: Fire (6d6, 6d6+6)
00WAND05 Wand: Lightning (6d6)
00WAND06 Wand: Sleep
00WAND07 Wand: Summon Monster (Summon Monster II)
00WAND08 Wand: Wand of Heaves (Cleric wand)
00GEM01 Gem: 00GEM01 through 00GEM30 are all valid gems
00GEM26 Gem: Diamond (Needed for Airship Quest, Chapter II)
00GEM29 Gem: Kings Tears
00GEM30 Gem: Rouge Stone
00HFSLDB Long Sword: Delnar's Healing Blade
00HFSLDY Long Sword: Sword of Gleaming Dykahst
11HFSLHE Long Sword: Golden Heart of <CharName>
50HFSLWB Long Sword: Barrow Wight's Blade
60HFSLHA Long Sword: Light of Cera Sumat
63HFSCSS Scimitar: Scimitar of the Soulless
00HFSCCS Scimitar: Caernach's Silver Sickle
00HFSDT Great Sword: Dwelnar's Folly
ZZR6HFWB Great Sword: Thunder's Shock
11HFSTWS Great Sword: Saga of Wandering Sky
00HFSBBS Bastard Sword: Know Thy Family
00HFSBRC Bastard Sword: Order's Nemesis
00HFSBWR Bastard Sword: Bloody Wroth
00HFSSLS Short Sword: Lolth's Cruel Sting
00HFSSSK Short Sword: Assassin's Blade
00HFSSTD Short Sword: Shame of Thy-Dunag
00HFAXAS Battle Axe: Soul Stealer
00HFAXBA Battle Axe: Scales of Balance
00HFAXSP Battle Axe: Death's Ally
11HFAXKS Battle Axe: Kegsplitter of Shaengarne Ford
51HFAXDF Battle Axe: Duergar-Forged Doom Axe
ZZI6HFSC Battle Axe: Mighty Scalecleaver
00HFAXBB Great Axe: Cowards Flight
00HFAXWT Great Axe: Grim Widow-Through
11HFAXEW Great Axe: Executioner's Wife
00HFAXBD Throwing Axe: Big Black Flying-Death
00HFAXCK Throwing Axe: Stormshifter
00HFAXSC Throwing Axe: Screaming Axe
11HFAXHO Throwing Axe: Dullcobble's Axe
00HFHMPH Warhammer: Masher
00HFHRSC Warhammer: Hammer of Lightning
11HFHRCR Warhammer: Slow and Steady
51HFHRDA Warhammer: Hammer of Utter Darkness
51HFHRVA Warhammer: The Dire-Hammer Valorfoe
63HFHRBI Warhammer: Xvim's Brutal Impact
00HFBCAG Bow: Mithril Arc
00HFBLFK Bow: Triumphant Flamekiller
00HFBLSF Bow: Sophia's Arc
00HFBLSR Bow: Great Sun-Reacher
00HFBSEH Bow: Swift Eye of the Hunter
00HFBSRS Bow: Furious Rabbit Slayer
00BWHXHF Crossbow: Hagnen's Folly
00BWLXHF Crossbow: Hagnen's Foolishness
00HFHXGE Crossbow: Beloved Geloise
00HFHXHF Crossbow: Folly of Hagnen Odestone
00HFHXIA Crossbow: Mithril Arbalest
00HFHXMR Crossbow: Shielded Mailripper
00HFLXHF Crossbow: Foolishness of Hagnen Odestone
00HFLXIM Crossbow: Iron Mary's Bold Reply
00HFLXMB Crossbow: Makavail's Swift Bane
51HFHXDB Crossbow: Dragu's Doom Bolter
51HFHXHB Crossbow: Dragu's Hell Bolter
00HFSGCT Sling: Nimble Cat-tail
00HFSGSS Sling: Sun-kissed Sparrow
11HFSGLH Sling: Left Hand of Darkness
00HFCBHK Club: Club of Confusion
11HFCBMK Club: Paths of Kuldahar
63HFCBMP Club: Monkey Paw of Extreme Prejudice
50HFCLBT Club: Belib's Amazing Everlasting Torch
00HFMEAR Mace: Glowing Azure Rod
00HFMECF Mace: Iron Hand of Ohanion
ZZJ6HFMM Mace: Selune's Blessing
00HFMRMG Morningstar: Lathander's Gift
00HFMRMS Morningstar: Mountains of Selune
00HFFLFV Flail: Demon's Breath Flail
00HFFLSR Flail: Chains of Righteous Strength
00HFMRSS Flail: Svirfneblin Skull
11HFFLBC Flail: Black Chimes
63HFFLPF Flail: Pustule's Flail of Boils
00HFSFDD Stave: Delnar's Lightning Stave
11HFSFPI Stave: Iron-Banded Staff
12HFSFWS Stave: Caballus' Whispering Staff
51HFSFRH Stave: Ryomaru's Harmless Staff
00STAF86 Stave: Phantom Staff
00STAF89 Stave: Staff of Fireballs
00HFSRIM Spear: Life's Blood Drinker
11HFSRNP Spear: Twelve Paces
50HFSRKS Spear: Kyosti's Hunting Spear
63HFHBPB Halberd: Pudu's Fiery Blight
00HFHBDC Halberd: Hand of the Buccaneer
00HFHBHL Halberd: Holy Hammer of Lucerne
00HFDGFW Dagger: Dagger of Closing Arguments
00HFDGPF Dagger: Ysha's Sting
11HFDGGH Dagger: Goblin Slayer
50HFDGLT Dagger: Black Lamia's Tongue
52HFDGSH Dagger: Baron Sulo's Hook
61HFDGWS Dagger: Wyvern Stinger
62HFDGXF Dagger: Xvimian Fang of Despair