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Freedm: First Resistne [ ]

01. 11. 2011 09:47

coye eco peaop, peapoa aa freedom.cfg
aaoe c po. oae cpoy "showmissions true" (e ae) oe aa. Bepe o "Load Game", o oy ocy oy ypo pe.

Pe oo.
coye eco peaop, peapoa aa action.cfg aaoe c po. oae cpoy "bind tilde console" aae aa. ae o pe p ae [~] ee o ceyx oo pae oco:

toggleai                  - cycce ee ./.
toggledoors               - op/ap ce ep
toggledamage              - opee cex epcoae ./.
toggledetection           - opeeee ac paa ./.
badguysarelousyshots.01   - ye ooc oaa pao
gimme <aae peea> - oy pee

Cco peeo oa gimme:
allergen grenades         - paa allergen
catteni blaster           - acep catteni
catteni blaster ammo      - apo acepy catteni
catteni pistol            - coe catteni
catteni pistol ammo       - apo coey catteni
rifle                     - oa
rifle ammo                - apo oe
toolkit                   - aop cpyeo